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About Us

HitAdzz is Worlds’s No. 1 online platform for buying and selling used Cars, Furniture, Household Items, clothes, antiques, services or just about anything. We provide a common-ground for potential buyers and sellers to meet, discuss, deal and trade in used or new items and services.

HitAdzz is one of the most comprehensive and convenient online platforms for people from across the width of Australia to come together and trade in new or used items at a national as well as local level.

Our Mission:

HitAdzz was started with a mission to make it the most convenient and the most popular online classifieds portal where new or used items buyers and sellers from across The World can come and promote, or seek, their product.

HitAdzz aims to empower its buyers and sellers with ownership decision through a detailed and comprehensive review of the product. We use the opinions of experts as well as the owners in order to ensure that the new owner is completely aware of the product they are dealing with.

The Vision:

HitAdzz is fast on track to become one of the most sought-after online classifieds platforms with a steadily growing number of users joining our website as members, every day.

We, at Austree, believe in providing every member a complete and comprehensive review, with all vital information added in it, to ensure that the buyer/seller is aware of every aspect of the particular product. This helps to build trust among our members as well as results in better management of such a large and fast-growing classified platform.

Better Buying & Selling Experience:

HitAdzz is one of World’s first exclusive online classifieds portal that offers its users a comprehensive expert review of products along with the seller’s own comments regarding it.

HitAdzz covers a large network of Countries and Cities in The World with user members spread across its expanse. This helps further in narrowing down your search for a buyer/seller to a specified range of locations that are best suited to you.

HitAdzz offers faster connectivity and response from potential buyers/sellers due to its convenient social networking presence on major social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and many more. This helps the user/buyer to get in touch with another potential buyer/seller faster, without even having to log-in to your social networking profile. The social networking pages of Austree are interactive, informative and instructive to the limits and offers a fast way for users to contact potential customer and businesses regarding their products being listed on Austree Classifieds for selling.

HitAdzz is ever-evolving in order to keep abreast of the latest trend and technology that affects the used item market. We, at HitAdzz, use the available technology to make our portal even more convenient and effective for our users.

HitAdzze is the choice of thousands of Australian men and women who wish to buy or sell used items to seriously-intended customers within their location with better precision and more extensive options than those offered by its other competitors.


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